NYE Safety & Injuries: New Years Eve in the Philippines, one of the most dangerous celebrations in the world

4e0e2b51dc77a.preview-300 Interesting stats: Over the past two years in the Philippines, over 800 people were either killed or injured as a result of NYE celebrations. Here’s a breakdown.

    • 18 people were killed from stray bullets as guns and rifles were fired into the air at midnight,
    • 372 people lost fingers,
    • 2 men lost their reproductive organs after strapping bottle rockets to their junk, (read more)

  • 129 people suffered burns to areas of their body,
  • 16 people suffered internal injuries after ingesting (YES, they ATE the fireworks! WTF?),
  • 7 people lost either one or both of their eyes,
  • 17 pets were killed in the crossfire,
  • 43 cars caught fire
  • 2 helicopters (1x civilian and 1x media chopper) were downed as revelers shot rounds and fireworks from the roof tops
  • 14 houses burned to the ground,
  • 2 tourists were injured by trained monkeys carrying fireworks (the monkeys were trained to steal wallets, but but according to reports, the monkeys were also smoking cigarettes, which prematurely set off the fireworks)

Want to see awesome reaction to bootleg fireworks? Check THIS video out! (click here)     article-2080899-0F4FE0C800000578-844_468x580   Want to see awesome reaction to bootleg fireworks? Check THIS video out! (click here)   gen1wd7 This either indicates to me that it’s a great place or a very bad place to spend NYE.. Your thoughts?   We have included a few pictures from past celebrations to point out the importance of safety during this time of craziness!




Want to see awesome reaction to bootleg fireworks? Check THIS video out! (click here)