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Breaking news: Subaru glitch allows online purchases of the BRZ for $799 online, set to cause EPIC Christmas headache!

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Someone at Subaru is about to wake up to a very bad Christmas gift, as hundreds of people flock to Subaru Australia’s website, in the desperate hope of getting a $799 Subaru BRZ. An apparent technical glitch has seen their website go completely screwy and letting people even get as far as being issued a CONTRACT OF SALE, after placing a deposit of $3000. (read more)

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After hopeful customers make their deposit of $3000, that ironically will leave a $2201 refund to them.

While we don’t actually expect Subaru will honor these terms and conditions, with most of the nay sayers quoting the contract point 1.2:

1.2 The Drive Away Price may be varied if before the delivery of the Motor Vehicle, there is a change in the manufacturer’s
recommended retail price, statutory charges or applicable taxes and duties. The Seller shall give the Customer written notice of
any variation in the Drive Away Price. If the Drive Away Price is varied pursuant to this clause the Customer may rescind this
Contract any time within three (3) days after receipt of written notice of the Drive Away Price variation by notification in writing to
the Seller

Thing is (as someone pointed out), technically the RRP is NOT changing, thus making this part of the contract null and void anyway.


Either way, it will make for a good laugh as Subaru reps front up to work on Monday, seeing hundreds, potentially thousands of BRZs sell.. At a massive loss.. LOL.

Someone at Subaru’s IT department is going to have a LOT of explaining to do!