8000Hp looks something like this….

8000hp looks like this

You don’t want to miss this ridiculous display of raw power by from this Top Fuel Dragster (read more)

Learn how to shoot, Gangsta Style!!!

Gangsta shooting

Ever wanted to learn to shoot a pistol and not hit your intended target? Gangsta shooting is for you (read more)

18 Ugly Truths About Modern Dating That You Have To Deal With


The ugly truths about modern dating. Have a read and see what you think based on your own experiences. (read more)

Lamborghini Aventador gets smashed!!! (Must See)

Aventador smashed

Excellent footage of the moment a Lamborghini Aventador smashes into 3 other vehicles (read more)

Pretty girl seeks rich husband, the reply she gets is priceless! (Must See)


A pretty 25 year old woman on a posts on a dating forum seeking a man with an annual income over $500k. You’ll never believe the reply she gets (read more)

Banecat has arrived!

Banecat has arrived on the internet, this is hands down the funniest video online at the moment!

Boeing 767 encounters epic crosswind and turbulance

767 crosswind landing

These pilots well and truly earned their money trying to put this Boeing 767 down in these severe weather conditions (read more)

Men electrocuted to death (warning graphic content)

Scaffold eletctrocution

A group of Chinese painters fail to notice live wires and are fried to death (read more)